Friday, April 18, 2008

Earn College Money With Google Adsense

If you can write you can earn money for college with Google Adsense. If you enjoy the internet then this is something you should look into. What is wonderful about Adsense is that you can do it part time and earn a full time income. When it comes to earning money for college the goal is to earn as much as possible with the least amount of time invested. Adsense makes sense....

Google AdSense - A Quick Way For College Students to Make Money?

By []Paul Nassar

Have you ever surfed a website and wondered where those small ads come from? No matter where you go on the net, it just seems that they follow you around and know exactly what you are looking for. Well, these ads come from Google, and are part of a program called AdSense. This program allows any web site or blog to make money from the placement of ads on their site. Though this may sound complex, this is one of the easiest ways for any college student to make money on the internet.

If you are like most web surfers, you are easily deterred by pop-up and banner ads. They just seem to ruin the entire web experience. Google AdSense goes above and beyond any regular banner ad. It automatically crawls your website or blog and finds ads that are relevant to what your visitor is looking for. The ads are much smaller, less threatening, and able to achieve much more with less space.

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So, what does this mean to a student, you might ask. Well, with the arrival of the 21st century, classes have become much more technological in how materials and assignments are delivered. With the adoption of more virtual classroom environments, the creation of a website or blog has transitioned from a part-time hobby to an absolute necessity. College students can easily make money placing ads on their site.

Website creation has become a lot more mainstream that it was ten years ago. Sites are created every day, showcasing millions of different topics and talents. If you don't have money for hosting, then no worries. There are free hosting sites available everywhere, such as or If you do have the $10-20 a month for hosting but just don't have any design talents, no problem. Most hosting sites have their own design wizards for easy creation. Or, worst case scenario, you don't have anything to write about. No problem. Simply, create an opinion blog from sites such as Everyone loves opinion blogs; you can literally write about anything!

To start making money from your site, navigate to Google and look for their Advertising programs; located at the bottom of their site. Choose the AdSense program, and enter all the required website and personal information, and you are done. Google AdSense makes it very easy to choose the types of ads you would like to display and offers plenty of tutorials on how to post them on your site. Once you are done posting ads to your site, just let the money roll in.

It is very important that you avoid clicking into your own ads. Although this might seem innocent; to Google, it is considered "click fraud" and will likely get you thrown out of their AdSense program. Google is very good at tracking this type of fraud, and getting caught is inevitable. Instead, try building some free traffic to your site using bookmark sites such as Stumble or Once people start visiting your site, you should start seeing the fruits to your effort.

Google pays at the end of each month, so once your balance reaches $100, you will receive payment. Google prefers EFT direct deposit payments, but will gladly send you a check. While no one gets rich from this program, AdSense can give a nice steady part-time paycheck for a starving college student looking to make some extra money. With the right amount of creativity and a bit of work, AdSense is definitely one of the best ways to make money on the internet. []Need Extra Cash? Learn How To Start Making Money With Your Opinion Today!

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Free Money For College

Money for college is a good thing and free money for college is even better! This article highlights some opportunities to grab some free cash that you might not have thought about. It is worth checking out....

Weird Scholarships - Odd and Unusual Free Money for College

By []J.C. Taylor

Money for college doesn't always come in the form of academic or athletic scholarships. Students can actual earn financial aid awards for other hobbies, interests, and personal characteristics. Here are 10 of the most popular weird scholarships.

The famous Left Handed Scholarship. This is one of the most talked about and searched for unusual awards. It is offered by Juanita College in Pennsylvania.

Milk Mustache Contest. How weird is it that you can win money for school for a milk mustache?

The Online College Poker Championship Tournament. Earn cash for school if you are skillful at this game.

Unusual Last Name Scholarship. Offered by various colleges for various strange last names, the most well known one is for the name "Zolp" and is presented by Loyola University in Chicago.

Best Teen Chef Award. A free ride to The Art Institute of Dallas is waiting for you if you can earn this title.

Asthma Scholarship. The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology is the sponsor this award for students with asthma.

Duct Tape Contest. How creative are you with duct tape? It could pay off.

Vegetarian Scholarship. The Vegetarian Resource Group sponsors this one and vegetarians are eligible.

Duck Calling Contest. If this is one of your odd talents, it could have a nice reward.

Patrick Kerr Skateboard Scholarship. I bet you never knew that something like skateboarding could help you with a degree.

These are just a few of the many []weird scholarships that are available. Depending on your talents, interests, and personal characteristics there could be free money for school waiting for you out there somewhere.

Don't miss out on unclaimed []weird scholarships that you or someone you know may be eligible for. Go to today to learn more about just how much college money you can receive for something strange or odd.

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Need College Money? Use The Internet!
By []Timothy A Scott

Are you wondering how you can ever pay for college? Do you need college money in order to be able to attend? You have heard the usual methods... apply for scholarships, apply for grants, and get loans. Some people will also suggest you get a job. But what if you have no time for a job? What if you don't want to go in debt? What if you can't get scholarships or grants, no matter how many you apply for? Then try earning money from the Internet!

There are several ways to earn money online if you need college money. Some include selling on eBay, doing paid-to sites, doing paid surveys, and affiliate marketing. I believe the method with the most opportunity is affiliate marketing. This is because the harder you work at it, the more your efforts are compounded on top of one another to make more and more money.

Affiliate marketing involves three people: a product owner, an advertiser, and a customer. A product owner decides he doesn't want to spend the time, money, or effort it takes to sell his product. So he allows other people to advertise his product for him. These people are called affiliate marketers. They get a website from the product owner, and everytime a customer makes a purchase from their own website, they get a part of the sale. The more sales you make, the more money you get!

So you need to find a product and then promote it. I recommend using or in order to find a product. This two sites have a large database of eBooks (electronic books) that you can sell. The topics of the eBooks range from just about anything you can imagine. So whatever you would like to sell, there is probably an eBook about that topic. So signup for an account to one of these sites and find a good product to sell. Note that you don't have to buy the product to sell it! You can always read what other people say about the eBook in order to promote it!

In order to promote your affiliate website, I recommend you write articles. These articles can be submitted to article directories, and in the author's bio box, you can put a link to a website (some sites allow direct linking to an affiliate site - some only allow linking to a regular website you would have to create). Then, when people click on the link in your article, they will go to your website or affiliate website. If they eventually make a sale, you have found a way to make money without spending money on advertising. Congratulations!

So if you need college money, and have tried the other common ways (and ended up with no extra money....), try affiliate marketing! A little persistence and hard work will go a long way in earning you a lot of needed money!

Want a step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing? [ ]Join this FREE mailing list to learn everything you need to earn money with affiliate marketing.

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